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Our colors and finishes not only make your creations look amazing, but also come with industry-leading warranties

Interpon D Flex

Interpon D2525 Flex is the first and only powder coating to combine the weatherability of super durable coatings with the mechanical performance advantages of standard durable systems.

Architects are increasingly moving towards superior durability, which is why the new generation of Flex technology has even more finishes. Interpon D2525 Flex now comes in Gloss, Satin and Matt as well as Structura and has enhanced options to choose from. Available in EMEA.

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Interpon D X-Pro

The Interpon D range is respected within the architectural community for its durability and performance. Now it can add a scratch resistance solution to its list of capabilities.

Products coated with Interpon D X-Pro are also less susceptible to abrasions during handling and transportation, minimizing the need for touch-up on site. The product will ultimately be offered in two versions: standard durability Interpon D1036 and superdurable Interpon D2525 ranges in satin and matt darker colors. Available in EMEA.

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Interpon D AM

Interpon’s D AM range of architectural powder coatings have antimicrobial (AM) properties to meet the Increased demand for products that support improved hygiene.

Thanks to antimicrobial technology, Interpon D AM now brings extra functionality for architects, fabricators and system houses to a product that has a long track record of superior performance. The enhanced Interpon D AM can be used on a variety of internal and external surfaces and protects against microbes such as bacteria and mold. Available globally.

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Interpon D STF

Interpon D STF powder coatings enable designers to make powder coated aluminum look like wood or other substrates.

Through the innovation of printed films and sublimation technology, architects, fabricators and system houses can now realize the look and feel of nature, without taking precious resources from the environment. As an environmentally friendly alternative, Interpon D STF gives architects the design flexibility they need, providing excellent edge-coverage on conventional and multi-faceted pieces. Available in North American & Asia.

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Interpon D Stone Effect finish

For architects who imagine viable alternatives to stone and similar materials including concrete, Interpon D2525 Stone Effect superdurable powder coatings provide the perfect solution.

Demonstrating variations in color and patination, the specialty coating has all of the aesthetic qualities of Portland stone, limestone and brickwork, but without the challenges that come with installation and cost. And as part of the Interpon D2525 system, the specialty coating offers not only a quality of finish, but also the long-term weathering resistance needed for the most demanding environments. Available in Europe.

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Interpon D Structura

The superdurable Interpon Structura range provides the highest level of protection, even in the most demanding environments.

When you want a building design to be long-lasting, and remain stylish for years to come, Interpon Structura delivers. Available as a collection in the most popular RAL colors, the superdurable textured finish provides exceptional levels of gloss retention and resistance to color change. Tested against the leading industry specifications Qualicoat class 2, GSB Master, AAMA 2604, and BS EN 12206, a Structura finish gives aluminum, steel and other metals the highest levels of protection, even in the most challenging environments.

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Interpon D ISR

Enhancing the style and finish of a balcony or decking while reducing the risk of a slip, trip or fall in the wet.

Interpon D Texture ISR helps you transform your aluminum and steel decking by giving it the look and feel of wood or stone, as well as the superb durability and improved sustainability that comes with every Interpon powder coating. It will also reduce the need for costly maintenance. And through the clever application of a coarse particle texture, the range offers the improved resistance to slips that balconies and other areas of decking need, come rain or shine.

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Amazing Colors

We are constantly innovating and researching to give you the broadest palette of amazing colors that are always on trend.

Color is back in fashion and the range of colors is growing. Colors that appear neutral at first glance but have subtle effects that complement or contrast to balance or accent other parts of the building design such as concrete and glass. Bright metallic colors. Colors that are playful. Colors that reflect cultural and social trends. Colors that support health and wellbeing. Colors that express what the architect wants to say and the legacy they want to create.

For more information about our Color of the Year and its four palettes click here.

Fabulous Finishes

Beyond color we deliver a spectacular array of dazzling textures, special effects and bespoke finishes to bring your ideas to life.

Performance is as much about how the finish looks as to whether it is functional and will scratch or lose color over time. Smooth finishes, deep matt finishes, and finishes that are ‘soft’ to the touch and super-fine are much in demand, as are those that accurately mimic natural wood, metal or stone. Special effects and metallic finishes are also helping to transform building designs, to reflect transparency and light, and create a new aesthetic.

Extensive Features

Come rain or shine, and extremes of heat and cold, our powder coatings deliver a life-time performance, whatever life throws its way.

Powder coatings have to look good, and they have to perform. Our powder coatings are especially tough and designed to protect a building through its lifetime. Durable and superdurable products and products that ‘flex’ without cracking are delivering the best of all worlds for architects, fabricators and system houses who want to combine flexibility in design with a performance that will ensure a lasting legacy. And with even lower curing temperatures, our powders can now coat an even wider range of substrates, opening a new world of design opportunities.

Unlimited Applications

Interpon can be applied to every element of architectural design

  • Frameworks and building structures
  • Window frames and doors
  • Facades and curtain walling
  • Louvres and shutters
  • Fencing and railing
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Verandas and conservatories

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