Being global means supporting architects, fabricators and system houses on any project, of any size, anywhere in the world


We’re continually innovating new products and finishes to push the boundaries of what’s possible


We build sustainable products and relationships within the world of architecture that stand the test of time


Our colors and finishes not only make your creations look amazing, but also come with industry-leading warranties

Building a lasting impression

How is the latest generation of powder coatings creating a more sustainable built environment that is able to stand the test of time?

Read the insight from our expert team and discover more about our thinking including our White Paper on 'Building a sustainable future’.

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Stimulating the architectural senses with countless colors, textures and special effects, we have a stunning range of powder coatings that will spark superlative creative ideas with finishes that stand the test of time.

However harsh or demanding the environment, Interpon D powder coatings set the benchmark for architects in terms of durability, sustainability and performance.

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You want to work with people who get what you do and like it, and so do we. Our experts have been collaborating with architects on all kinds of projects, large and small, for more than half a century.

Speak to our talented team of color technicians and tap into our research to ensure you’re always on-trend and understand how Interpon D performs in every environment.

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Building sustainable futures

A global movement is on the rise demanding not just a more sustainable world, but one that requires re-invention. And we’re playing our role by creating sustainable products and relationships that stand the test of time and create impressions that endure.

Find out more about how innovations in product performance, manufacturing and application alongside globally recognized accreditations are supporting the Green Buildings of the present and the future.

Discover more on sustainability

Amazing Colors

Discover our Color of the Year 2024 ‘Sweet Embrace’ and see how we are constantly innovating and researching to give you the broadest palette of amazing colors that are always on trend.

Fabulous Finishes

Beyond color we deliver a spectacular array of dazzling textures, special effects and bespoke finishes to bring your ideas to life.

Extensive Features

Come rain or shine, and extremes of heat and cold, our powder coatings deliver a life-time performance, whatever life throws its way.

Unlimited Applications

Interpon can be applied to every element of architectural design

  • Frameworks and building structures
  • Window frames and doors
  • Facades and curtain walling
  • Louvres and shutters
  • Fencing and railing
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Verandas and conservatories

Product Showcase

AkzoNobel Design tool for Architects

Explore immersive 3D imaging technology to find the exact right product for your needs

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